• Athletics

     The Hasten Hebrew Academy recognizes, in addition to fitness, that school athletics benefit students in many other ways.  Participating in a school sport gives students the opportunity to represent their school in the community, learn the value of teamwork, see the results of hard work, and gain valuable leadership and time management skills that will transcend the court or field of play into the classroom and beyond.

     HHAI is proud to offer school athletics to all students in grades 4th-8th.  Participating in the Indianapolis Independent School League, our teams compete in girls volleyball, soccer, and basketball.  Typically each sport will have both an elementary and middle school team and play against their peers in IISL season play.  Each season is followed by a seeded tournament, which always brings the excitement of competition to a fun end.  HHAI is very proud to have had many winning teams, always giving their best and proudly representing their school.