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    MS Brochure

  • Middle School is an exciting period in a youngster’s life. It is a time when adolescent curiosity is transformed into teenage wonder. It is the final step before moving on to young adulthood. We at the Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis (HHAI) commend you for giving serious consideration to our Middle School as the proper environment for your child’s future development. The Academy’s Middle School offers a total educational program of Jewish and general studies for grades six, seven, and eight. The staff strives to provide unique educational opportunities for our students. Features of the program include a wide variety of course offerings, core curricula in basic content areas, small classes, individualized instruction, ability and heterogeneous grouping, enrichment classes, academic advancement, and extra-curricular offerings. While attending the Academy, students grow socially and emotionally as they are exposed to new experiences and explore unfamiliar situations. Most important is the identification and understanding of each child’s unique needs, and the personal attention and monitoring each child receives. Your child will never be “just one of the crowd.”