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    Pictured at a recent graduation party are members of the HHAI class of 2002.  From left to right are, Ashely Hanson (graduated Emory University and hopes to go into law), Megan Brattain( finishing at Brown University after spending a year in India on a project) Shelly Farahan (graduated IU and going to Touro College for graduate school), Abe Benson (graduated IU and moving to Florida), Ariel Farahan (attending the business school at IUPUI), Jarrod Walerstein ( graduated from IU and working in Israel next year) and Michelle Cotlar (graduated Emory University and also going to work in Israel on same program as Jarrod.)>

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    Aaron Fogle, class of 2003 at the Great Wall of China, one of the sites he visited while studying abroad in Hong Kong.

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    Judge Gary Miller with Jared Green, Gene Pecar, Dan Borman

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    Menachem Begin visited HHAI in 1973