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    Welcome to the Hasten Hebrew Academy website. We are pleased that you are interested in our school. Founded in 1971, The Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis has a long history of providing a high quality education to students in early childhood through eighth grade. Our dual curriculum provides students with a challenging program in both secular and Judaic studies, yet with the flexibility to meet each child's needs. Significantly, we teach the 'whole child' through curricular integration and unique programming.

      A kaleidoscope of academic and cultural experiences, our school fosters a love for and pride in Jewish heritage and values. Judaic studies include Hebrew language immersion and Israeli culture, Biblical text in Torah and Prophets, Jewish history and Oral Law, prayers and holiday customs. Uniquely, we maintain a Holocaust room where Middle schoolers serve as docents to community groups in addition to rich curriculum integrating technology, Jewish history and literature. Our superior General Studies curriculum, aligned with the Indiana state standards, emphasizes critical and creative thinking skills integrated into advanced reading and writing,  S(cience)T(echnology)E(ngineering)M(athmatics)and fine arts. As a four star school, our instruction features rich and rigorous conceptual units and our students consistently score in the upper tier of achievement and  growth in the state mandated  ISTEP assessments. High ability differentiation includes Michael Clay Thompson grammar and vocabulary units ,math problem solving and projects, subject acceleration and compacting as well as Individual Student Project opportunities for independent research in areas of student passion culminating in  "Ted Talk' like  presentations. Progressive in our use of technology with dual platform Apple and Windows labs and one to one iPads from 4th grade, students create their own websites and  utilize cutting edge programs and apps from Google Cardboard to Green-screen as well as animation and 3D printing in their research and presentations across the curriculum. Socioemotional curriculum  including daily morning meeting is interwoven through our incorporation of The Responsive Classroom program as well as integration of middot/character education in the teaching of interpersonal mitzvot in our annual Torah fair and elementary Friday focus assemblies, service learning opportunities and intergenerational programs with seniors in our community.  Extracurricular programs include sports, music, chess, martial arts and more. 

    The Early Childhood component features a Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy of education for children 12-months through 5-years-old focusing on student emergent learning, documentation, the integration of the natural world into the child's exploration as well as fine and gross motor development.  We are rated Level 3 in Paths to QUALITY  and are currently seeking national accreditation through NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Middle school programming for grades 6-8 features advisory teams, student government, electives such as horticulture, robotics, Israeli music and cooking as well as exciting educational trips culminating in an 8th grade trip to  Israel! 

      The Hasten Hebrew Academy underscores the uniqueness of each individual student in personalizing an educational triptik for remedial and high ability students alike. State of the art facilities and low teacher-student ratio afford a safe and nurturing environment in which students develop confidence, character and responsibility to themselves and their community.  


    Mrs. Miriam Gettinger